Properly Cleaning Bathtubs

Of all the rooms in your home, none of them seem to get as dirty as fast as your bathroom does. While we’re really only in the bathroom for a small percentage of our day, the process of cleaning ourselves and grooming for the day ahead can take quite a toll on the cleanliness of the room in general, especially the bathtub. Bathtubs are extremely hard to keep clean simply because most people use them on a daily basis to keep themselves clean! Keeping the bathtub clean in Phoenix, AZ is like trying to shovel off your walk in the middle of winter—it’s definitely not easy, but sometimes it needs to be done.

The first thing to remember when cleaning your bathtub is to pick out the chemicals that you’re going to clean with very carefully. It’s important to pick strong chemicals that can cut through the filth and grime that’s built up over time, but at the same time, these chemicals can’t linger around if they’re hazardous to your health. Bleach is a great tool to clean with because it can cut through tough soap scum and stains, yet it’ll wash away easily when it’s time to clean up. There are other chemicals on the market that are designed specifically for bathtub cleaning, so it’s always best to shop around to find the cleaner that’s right for you.

Also important to remember while cleaning your bathtub is to clean thoroughly. Some stains and grime may stand out as being very easy to clean, but chances are there’s a lot more that you’re not seeing that could make all of your cleaning for nothing if not taken care of. Be sure to get in between tiles, around grout and of course, the drain and faucet of your tub, as these are all prime places for disgusting buildups. It’s even worthwhile to unscrew some of the fixtures in your bathtub in order to soak them or scrub them vigorously.

Next up on the path to a cleaner bathtub in Phoenix, AZ is to apply a protectorate coating to applicable layers of the bath. For example, waxing the tile walls of your bathtub can bring about a resistance to buildup over time, just like coating your shower doors (if you have them) with a water resistant solution can protect them from smudging. These simple afterthoughts can save you time between cleanings by adding a little bit of protection to all of your bath surfaces.

But what happens if this is all just too much to deal with? Many homeowners find that cleaning their bathtub is too time consuming or just plain overwhelming, which is why the professionals at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service in Phoenix, AZ are trained to take care of the situation quickly and effectively. Our trained professionals have the know-how and the insight to get rid of all the dirt, grime, scum and buildup that’s plaguing your bathtub and transform it into something that will sparkle for ages. Stop cleaning yourself in a place that’s dirty—call our professionals today and experience a new level of hygiene.