A Few Common Questions Regarding Bath Tub Refinishing in Glendale

When something like your bath tub is damaged and it needs to be fixed by a professional, it’s common for a homeowner to have questions about the process. Knowing what caused the problem, how it’s going to be fixed and hoe much it’s going to cost are all standard inquiries, however the questions don’t often stop there. Here’s a quick list of some of the most common questions we get regarding bath tub refinishing in Glendale and the answers to those questions, for homeowners who are concerned about their tubs:

How do I properly clean my tub after it’s refinished?

This is a great question for a number of reasons. First, it shows that a homeowner is actively planning ahead, to preserve their bath tub after it’s refinished and repaired. Second, it’s a necessary question when it comes to properly maintaining your tub after investing in a refinishing service. The answer to this question is to not use abrasive cleaners on your tub—these will serve to strip away at protective layers, causing discoloration and breakdowns. Instead, use dish soap and use it often—frequently cleaning with a safer product will prevent tough grime buildups that often need more abrasive attention.

Will the project leave any noticeable traces of work behind?

Many people often worry that a bath tub refinishing in Glendale will stick out like a sore thumb, alerting everyone to your need for professional cleaning services. The reality is that refinishing your tub won’t make it stick out at all, save for a slight odor that will disappear in a few hours time. Your bath tub will look like its been recently cleaned, showing no signs of professional work outside of its fantastic shine! The smell, which is a product of restorative chemicals, is non-toxic and will dissipate in just a few hours.

How long does a full tub refinish take?

This is perhaps the most common question outside of cost when it comes to bath tub refinishing in Glendale. The answer, depends on the size of your tub and the state it’s in. Some refinishing jobs can be completed in just a couple of hours, while others can drag on for upwards of three hours! What’s important to remember, however, isn’t how long your refinishing job is going to take, it’s how long you’ll need to leave it alone for. Freshly refinished tubs should be avoided for a minimum of 24-hours, to ensure that the job sets properly and your tub is protected against ongoing use.

When is the best time to refinish a tub during a bathroom remodel?

Homeowners who are entirely renovating their bathrooms often ask this question, because they want to make sure that they’re getting their full money’s worth out of a tub refinishing job. The answer to this, is near the end of the job. Refinishing your tub after the rest of the bathroom is completed will serve to give you the best chance at a clean refinish—after all of the dust and grime has been cleared out of your newly remodeled space. Refinishing also creates static electricity, which can attract dust particles while a job is in progress, so it’s best to leave it until the end.