Five Ways to Extend the Life and Beauty of Your Bathtub

There’s no doubt about it: our bathrooms get dirty and when they do, they’re the last place we want to spend our time scrubbing and polishing. At some point, however, we all break down and plot the best way to clean our bathrooms, usually taking the path of least resistance and time so that we don’t have to exert an ounce of strength more than we have to in order to finish the job. For most, this means the heavy use of chemicals and bleach.

What you might not realize, however, is that your efforts to clean your bathroom as quickly and efficiently as possible might be causing it to dirty quicker and, in effect, you could be reducing the overall lifespan of your bathroom’s materials. Take a look at five ways to reduce the wear and tear of your cleaning efforts and how to effectively avoid Phoenix bathtub refinishing:

  1. Stop using such harsh chemicals! Bleaches, heavy abrasive cleaners and other such products will certainly eradicate any bacteria and scale buildups, but they’ll also strip off the protective layers of your materials and leave your tub, show, sink and tile all more vulnerable to buildups that occur over shorter periods of time.
  2. Cleaning more frequently may not seem like a very appealing thought, but in doing so, you’ll actually lessen your workload and improve your bathroom aesthetic. Fewer cleanings mean more intense cleanings and they also mean less time for bacteria and other buildups to accumulate on your surfaces.
  3. Paying for a professional cleaning once or twice a year may not be high on your priority list, but they’re going to be a lot cheaper than a full Phoenix bathtub refinishing when it comes to eliminating the grime, buildups and discoloration that will occur in between professional services. Twice a year professional cleaning will keep your tub and shower in prime condition for much longer than simple at-home cleanings will.
  4. Don’t let buildups occur in your tub, shower and sink. Letting shampoo rings sit, toothpaste globs fester and soap spills harden is going to work away the shine of your bathroom quickly. Take a few moments to make sure there are no buildups in your tub, shower and sink and you’ll have peace of mind that your bathroom isn’t going to show spots or discolorations so readily.
  5. Don’t let water simply dry throughout your bathroom—wipe it down of put the fan on so it evaporates! Water is a notorious carrier of bacteria and whatever else gets mixed in with it, such as soap, so having it dry all over your bathroom is going to mean the distribution of bacteria and soap, which can lead to buildups and breakdowns over time. Taking a few seconds to mop up water and dry it appropriately can save you tons of headaches when it comes to cleaning and restoration.

Keeping your bathroom looking great isn’t as hard or as intense as you might think it is—in fact it’s quite easy if you follow the five rules above. You’ll avoid countless hours spent cleaning your least favorite room of the home and save yourself the huge costs of things such as Phoenix bathtub refinishing.