Tips for Better Bathtub Refinishing in Phoenix, AZ

If you have a vintage, antique bathtub in your home that is beginning to look a little worn, it’s much more cost-effective to refinish the bathtub than to go with a complete replacement. You might be surprised to learn that purchasing a similar tub (or paying to design a similar tub) could cost you thousands of dollars, depending on its age and the materials used to create it.

Of course, refinishing is no easy task, either. You must have a certain amount of skill to complete the job correctly and be comfortable working with certain types of chemicals. The job will also require a fair amount of time and patience, though you should be able to complete the transformation within a weekend if you are committed.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you achieve better bathtub refinishing in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Calculate what the cost will be: Figure out all the materials you need to refinish your tub and then determine how much it will cost to purchase them. Sometimes you are able to get refinishing kits that will include pretty much everything you need, but if these kits are unavailable, you will need to collect the materials yourself. These materials could include certain painting tools (brushes, rollers, painter’s tape), protective eyewear, rubber gloves, a respirator, drop cloths, mineral spirits and chemical cleaning agents. You might be able to just get a good finish by using a brush and roller, but if that doesn’t work out well, a paint sprayer will be your best bet to give you the most professional looking result.
  • Know what you’re in for: This is not a simple project. Much like any do-it-yourself project, you must do your research ahead of time so you know the scope of the project and the order in which you must complete the steps. Your first step should always be to completely clean out your bathtub, getting rid of any scum, mildew or residue that has collected over time. If there are any areas that have chipped or pitted, you will need to fill these areas in with putty or epoxy and sand them down before you proceed. You should also remove the drain cover, lever plate and any caulking located around the edge of the tub.
  • Work with the chemicals carefully: Because these chemicals can be harmful to the human body, make sure you are wearing appropriate protective gear while performing the job. Keep the room well ventilated throughout the process, as well, so you don’t breathe in too many fumes. You may have to apply the chemicals multiple times, so make sure you allow it to dry sufficiently before each application. Once the entire project is complete, you will not be able to use the tub for several days, so make sure you have planned around this in your home. If it’s your family’s only means of bathing, you might need to make other arrangements.
  • Be aware that you can never be fully prepared: Just about any DIY project in your home requires you to expect the unexpected. With a bathtub refinishing job, you never know when the project could require you to just overhaul a significant portion of your bathroom. Removing the caulking could uncover some severe issues with moisture in your walls, which would require some major remodeling and wall repair, depending on the extent of the problem. Be ready for basically anything when you take on a job like this.

For more information, or to have the project done professionally, contact A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. today for bathtub refinishing in Phoenix, AZ.