Choosing Between Bathtub Refinishing in Glendale, AZ and Bathtub Replacement

Updates to your bathroom can be some of the most noticeable forms of home improvement. With a reasonable investment, you can make a big difference in the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. In addition, bathroom updates can increase your home’s value and they allow you to showcase your style preferences. If your bathtub is in poor condition, you’ve probably been considering replacing or refinishing it to get it looking great again. There are several factors that any homeowner should consider before deciding on the best option for their bathtub, from cost to overall appearance.

Consider all of the costs

When you first start looking into the cost of bathtub replacement and refinishing, you might be surprised to find that the upfront cost for a new tub isn’t all that much more than the cost of bathtub refinishing in Glendale, AZ. Before you pull out your wallet, think about all of the costs associated with replacing your tub. Consider how you will actually go about replacing your tub. You’ll probably need help from a professional plumber, and you might even need to get repairs to tiles and other material if there is any damage during removal.

Now that the bathtub has been removed, how do you get it through the bathroom door? You might have to take the door off the hinges or get creative in order to execute a successful removal. Once you’ve figured out how to actually remove the bathtub from your home, you have to consider where and how you will dispose of it. Additionally, you might find that your existing fixtures don’t accommodate the new bathtub you’ve chosen, which means you’ll be spending money on more plumbing services. When it’s all said and done, bathtub replacement can be incredibly costly, not to mention full of unnecessary hassle.

Why choose bathtub refinishing in Glendale, AZ?

In addition to avoiding the stress and unexpected costs that can come with a bathtub replacement, choosing refinishing can ensure a high degree of quality. A refinished bathtub has approximately the same longevity as a brand new bathtub does, and can remain in excellent condition for years to come. With gentle cleaning and a little maintenance, a refinished bathtub looks like new and can greatly improve the overall appearance of your bathroom. When you invest in bathtub refinishing services, your upfront cost covers every necessary aspect of the process, as opposed to bathtub replacement, which can carry hidden and unexpected expenses.

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