Are Grab Bars for the Bathroom Easy To Install?

Grab bars in the bathroom are a great way to increase the safety of this room in your house. Many accidents take place in the bathroom. If you have elderly or disabled people living in the home, it is especially important that you provide this safety feature. If you have been considering installing bathtub or shower grab bars, this quick guide will help you learn what you need to know to get started on this project.

Why Should I Install Grab Bars?

Grab bars are often used in hospitals and care facilities to help individuals navigate slippery bathroom environments. If you deal with mobility issues, or if someone in your home deals with mobility issues, a grab bar can often prevent dangerous slips and falls from happening.

What You Will Need

To complete the installation of bathroom grab bars, you will need to purchase a grab bar kit from your local home improvement store. You may be able to find kits online as well. It is important that you read all the included instructions for the kit before you get started. Other items you need include:

  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Stud sensor (optional but helpful)

Locate Studs

To ensure that your grab bars are rock solid, you will want to be sure they are anchored to the studs. These are the solid pieces of wood located behind drywall at certain intervals. If you have a stud sensor, you can use this device to locate the studs. Remember, if the grab bar is not properly installed into a stud, it could fall out of the drywall causing injuries. Mark the studs as well as the mounting holes.


You will drill a 1/8-inch hole at one of the marks. You should feel that you have hit the stud.  Next, caulk the mounting flange using tub and tile adhesive or silicone caulk.

You can then use a 5/32-inch wood bit to drill pilot holes into the stud. Insert a plastic anchor in the holes you just drilled. You are now ready to screw in the shower bar to the wall using No. 10 or 12 stainless steel pan head screws. Again, check that screws are penetrating the stud.

When To Call Professionals

If you do not feel confident about completing this project on your own, you should definitely reach out for help. An improperly installed grab bar in the shower or tub will actually increase the chance of injuries rather than decrease it.

Positioning safety for grab bars is essential. A professional can come out and install a grab bar for you safely and efficiently in no time.