Laminate Counter Top Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Laminate counter tops are one of the most abundant furnishings in bathrooms around the United States, simply because they’re affordable, they look great when installed properly and they’re resilient to constant wear and tear. As with any surface in your home, especially one that’s used often, these countertops can experience damage over time. Small chips, scuffs, cracks and peels can accumulate throughout the years to turn your once beautiful counter top into an eyesore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be replaced in its entirety. In fact, homeowners on a budget will actually get more life out of their bathroom counter tops by having them professionally restored, rather than replaced.

Scratched laminate is easily noticeable when you run your hand over the surface of the counter top and can be aggravating when the scratches build up over time. One form of counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ is to have these surfaces polished, which will prove useful in smoothing out the scratches and returning the counter top to its once-pristine condition. Deeper scratches can even be filled by a special seal, which will work in the same way to even them out and create a seamless surface area.

Chipped laminate can also be addressed with proper counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ. Special laminate paste, much like the material used to fill deep scratches, can be applied to chips in order to fill and seal them in virtually no time at all. Once filled, these chips are formed and smoothed to fit in with the design of the counter, allowing you to improve both the aesthetics and life of the counter top in question.

Edges and lips on a counter top are prone to being banged around, both by people walking into them and large objects colliding with them. One of the more serious imperfections that can befall a laminate counter top, edges are also able to be repaired with some work. A professional will usually heat these edges to soften the material, then carefully remove them and replace them with a preformed edge once the space has been sanded down to accept a new edge. Once replaced, this edge or lip is virtually indistinguishable from the original, giving the perception of a brand new counter top, when really, it’s just a careful repair!

Peeling laminate is a huge concern for homeowners because it’s a sign that the protective layer of your laminate counter top is literally coming up and off. If your laminate peels off entirely, you’re likely to see irreparable damage to your counter, so it’s best to get this issue fixed immediately. A professional with experience in counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ will have the necessary tools to either repair your peeling laminate layer or remove and replace it entirely, which is still more cost effective than installing a brand new surface.

When it comes to a surface that’s used as much as your bathroom counter top, be sure to explore repair options before you decide to go with a full blown reinstallation—doing so can save you money and the headache of dealing with the construction involved in a new installation.