Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Look Like New

Bathrooms are one of the most, if not the most, heavily used rooms in our homes. Everyday we visit our bathrooms for a variety of different reasons and if there are multiple people living in your home, this constant foot traffic can show on the integrity of your bathroom over time, no matter how hard you try to keep it looking new. To compound matters, bathrooms can be difficult to clean: with so many small spaces for dirt and grime to build up in, it might take you all day to clean a bathroom from top to bottom: time that most people just don’t have to dedicate to one space.

Never fear, however: there are a few small tricks that you can rely on to keep your bathroom sparkling, no matter how old or frequently used it is! Check out these simple tips and try them out in your home:

Borax for Bath Tubs: Is there soap scum in your bath tub? How about other stains or grime? Bath tubs in Glendale are meant to be a place where we can clean ourselves, however if your tub is dirty, how can you feel clean after using it? Most homeowners spend hours and hours scrubbing away at their tubs with different chemicals, to no avail. Put down the expensive cleaners and hazardous chemicals and pick up an inexpensive Borax product: you’ll be amazed at the way it works to obliterate soap scum and stains! In the end, you’ll be left with a pristine tub that’s safe to use and sparklingly clean!

Baking Soda for Countertops: Counters face the daily wear and tear of everything from brushing your teeth to doing your makeup. After a while, it’s easy to see how countertops can become stained or spotted with residual chemicals. Just like bath tubs in Glendale, your countertops need a little bit of hard-hitting cleaning to get them back to their pristine state. Mix some baking soda and water into a paste and rub it in small circles around your countertops to make stains a thing of the past! The best part about this is that the slightly abrasive nature of the baking soda concoction works on marble, laminate, cement and other types of counters, making it a great “one size fits all” cleaning solution.

Vinegar for Toilet Odors: Let’s face it, nothing regarding your toilet is pleasant when it comes to cleaning it, least of all the smell. If your toilet has a smell that you just can’t shake, try blasting the bowl with a little bit of vinegar to eliminate both stains and odors. Vinegar acts to neutralize stains and odors in such a way that after scrubbing your bowl with a brush, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the odors disappear and are replaced with a neutral scent. Give that toilet a clean with your usual bowl cleaner after the vinegar and you’ll have a brand new toilet in no time!

A few, safe household chemicals are all you need to whip your bathroom back into shape. Just follow our cleaning tips above and you’ll see a shine from your bathroom that you haven’t seen in years!