What BBB Accreditation Guarantees from Your Phoenix Bathtub Refinishing Company

There are numerous ways to go about hiring a Phoenix bathtub refinishing company. For most people, the process typically begins with searching the Internet or Yellow Pages and finding a professional company with a stable business address. Checking online reviews and asking for referrals is always a good way to help determine whether a company is worth considering or not.

Other people like to ask friends or family members for recommended companies—this can be a great way to hire a contractor since someone you know has personal experience working with them. No matter how you choose to find a company, remember to call ahead and have a conversation with them so you can assess their professionalism. Always ask about experience and pricing, and consider whether you might want several companies to inspect the work you need done for competitive bidding.

Another key component of assessing a company is determining whether they are BBB accredited. Here is what BBB accreditation guarantees from your Phoenix bathtub refinishing company.

Setting a high bar

Many people are not aware that the Better Business Bureau offers an accreditation that helps consumers determine whether a company or contracting service is worth working with or not. Even fewer people understand that not every company can become accredited. In other words, it is not just a simple process in which every company can become accredited. In fact, the process requires a lot on the part of the company or contractor, both to receive and maintain accreditation. The goal of receiving accreditation is to prove that the company maintains certain ethical standards and provides quality services for consumers. No con artist companies or disreputable contractors will maintain accreditation, or even manage to earn it in the first place.

The process to earn accreditation for a Phoenix bathtub refinishing company begins with experience. In order to even apply for accreditation, a company or contractor must be established in business for at least a year, and approved companies typically have more experience than this. Experience means knowing the trade and industry and speaks to quality service. It also offers a track record of accomplished business—poor service serves as evidence that the company should not be BBB accredited. For accreditation, a company must also follow all licensing and bonding requirements for their particular business. Many companies that offer poor service do not adequately follow the law. BBB accreditation ensures the company complies with all relevant legal requirements.

Maintaining high standards all around

All BBB accredited companies must maintain certain ethical standards. This means transparency, integrity and self-regulation in the industry to ensure no shady business practices. Importantly, the company must also follow many honest advertising principals to make sure no consumers have been misled. Companies must also stay free from government action or major complaints to maintain BBB accreditation.

In sum, going with a Phoenix bathtub refinishing company that is BBB accredited means hiring a company that has a guaranteed track record of offering quality business services in their community. While your search for a company might begin with the Internet or asking friends, remember to make your final decision by checking whether the company is BBB accredited.