Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom Tiling in Glendale

Bathrooms are probably the most difficult part of a home to clean. While it might be easy to give a bathroom a quick tidying up, such as taking out the garbage, shining the mirror and scrubbing the toilet, giving a thorough cleaning takes a lot of effort. Every so often, cleaning the bathroom is absolutely necessary, though, not just to give everything a sparkly clean finish before a party, but also for basic hygiene. Ever notice how professional cleaning services manage to get bathrooms cleaner than you can ever imagine doing yourself—the way the toilet appears brand new and the bathroom tiling in Glendale is absolutely spotless? There are a few tricks to getting your bathroom perfectly clean. Here are a few tips on how to make your bathroom tiling appear like new again.

  • A little preparation goes a long way: Cleaning your bathroom tiling in Glendale starts with properly preparing your bathroom. For starters, make sure your bathroom is well ventilated, since it is not recommended that you breathe in harsh cleaning solution fumes for any long period of time. Remove from the bathroom any floor mats, towels or anything else you would like to avoid staining or getting wet. Finally, prepare yourself for cleaning day, as well. Throw on some old clothes and rubber gloves so you can clean without worrying about ruining clothing or getting chemicals on your skin.
  • Choose the proper cleaning materials: Decide ahead of time what type of cleaning solution you want to use. Any trip down the cleaning aisle at your local grocery or hardware store will offer you many options to choose from. But don’t just grab any cleaning solution that is specifically for bathroom tiling in Glendale—actually read the label to ensure the chemicals will not damage any of the materials in your bathroom. Another option is to make a cleaning solution yourself, which can save you some money. Simply mixing baking powder, vinegar and water in a spray bottle will provide you a great solution capable of degreasing and abrasive enough to work out deep stains. Bleach with water also is an option. Also pick out your cleaning tools. A few microfiber cloths and brushes should do the trick, and many people like to use an old toothbrush for those hard-to-reach places.
  • Get down to business: Once you have prepped your bathroom and gathered your cleaning supplies, now it is time to actually get down to work. Start by running your shower at a high temperature for a few minutes. The hot water and steam will remove the top layer of filth and will loosen up embedded soap scum, body oils, mold and mildew. Next, apply a good amount of cleaning solution to the bathroom tiling in Glendale. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then use your brush to scrub the grout and in harder-to-reach corners. Also scrub visible stains. Now use your microfiber cloths with warm water applied to scrub and wipe away the cleaning solution—remember to apply some arm strength to this. Finally, run your shower again and rinse away any excess filth and cleaning solution. Hopefully, by following this guide, your tiling will be back to looking good as new in less than an hour’s time.