Clean More Than Your Bathroom Tiling in Glendale, AZ: Make a Spring Cleaning Checklist!

With a regular cleaning routine, your bathroom fixtures will stay shiny and odor-free and have a better chance of lasting a long time. From your tub to your bathroom tiling in Glendale, AZ, here is a spring cleaning checklist that will not only leave your bathroom smelling fresh, but also keep your fixtures and tiles in tip-top shape:

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Five Reasons to Choose Porcelain Bathroom Tiling in Glendale

Remodeling your bathroom comes with a bevy of options to choose from—whether it’s fixtures or materials, paint colors or lighting, you’re going to have to make choices that effect how your bathroom is going to look, feel and function after its transformation. Perhaps the biggest of these choices, however, is what you’re going to tile your shower with.

The obvious choice for tile is ceramic—it’s the option you’re bound to see plenty of if you head on down to your local hardware store. However, just because ceramic is the most accessible option doesn’t mean it’s the best.

When it comes to tiling materials for a shower, you might be surprised to learn that porcelain bathroom tiling in Glendale is actually a preferred material! Take a look at five supporting arguments that lend themselves to porcelain as a superior choice for your shower:

  1. Versatility: Porcelain, like ceramic, is tremendously versatile when it comes to options. Different styles, sizes, accents and more are all available to you through this material and it’s extremely easy to find options that will accent your bathroom.
  2. Resistance: This is one category where porcelain trumps ceramic tiling in a bevy of ways. Not only is porcelain fireproof, it’s also scratch and stain resistant, as well as nonreactive! Abrasive substances can absolutely decimate ceramic tile; porcelain comes out strong and stays stable no matter what’s thrown at it!
  3. Durability: Porcelain is tremendously hard. In hardness testing, much of today’s modern, treated porcelain outshines slate, marble and even granite in terms of strength, making it an ideal investment for bathrooms, where it’ll see wear and tear on a daily basis.
  4. Sustainability: Buildups of grime and scale can dramatically reduce the longevity of ceramic tiling, slowly taking their toll on the material until it’s left offering little protection against abrasions. Porcelain, on the other hand, offers an unmatched sustainability that’s going to carry through for years and years without faltering.
  5. Low maintenance: All of the above points equate to one more big win for porcelain, and that’s an extremely low maintenance regimen that costs only a marginal amount. Porcelain, when kept up and cared for appropriately, can be repaired by a professional with ease and in a way that’s lasting and seamless.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel and are seeking new options for bathroom tiling in Glendale, look beyond what’s common or accessible and instead, explore the option of quality above all else. Porcelain tiling could just be the best investment you make for your bathroom and in turn, for your quality of life while you enjoy this oft-used room of the home.

For more information about how to make porcelain tile a reality in your home or to inquire about other high quality bathroom tiling options, contact the professionals at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. today! We’ll assist you in completing your bathroom remodel to the highest degrees of excellence, using materials of only the highest caliber.

Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom Tiling in Glendale

Bathrooms are probably the most difficult part of a home to clean. While it might be easy to give a bathroom a quick tidying up, such as taking out the garbage, shining the mirror and scrubbing the toilet, giving a thorough cleaning takes a lot of effort. Every so often, cleaning the bathroom is absolutely necessary, though, not just to give everything a sparkly clean finish before a party, but also for basic hygiene. Ever notice how professional cleaning services manage to get bathrooms cleaner than you can ever imagine doing yourself—the way the toilet appears brand new and the bathroom tiling in Glendale is absolutely spotless? There are a few tricks to getting your bathroom perfectly clean. Here are a few tips on how to make your bathroom tiling appear like new again.

Enhancing Your Home with Bathroom Tiling in Glendale

There are certain materials that, when applied properly in your home, exude class, sophistication and luxury. Tile is predominantly one of these materials and when used to accent and shape your bathroom, tile can create an aesthetic that’s unmatched in both quality and allure.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t even consider bathroom tiling in Glendale for fear of paying too much for too little. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as tile is one of the most lasting implementations that you can put your faith and your money into. Though it may cost more upfront than a simple linoleum installation, the benefits that tile brings with it far outstrip other conventional flooring materials.

In fact, who said that tile had to be used solely for your flooring? Take a look at a few of the ways that bathroom tiling in Glendale can enhance the appeal of your home and bring longevity and value to this frequently used room:

Resilience: When you pay to have your bathroom remodeled, you’re essentially paying for the replacement of existing materials with a higher grade, newer level of quality. And, if you’re seeking a better level of quality in your bathroom, it only makes sense to choose materials that are going to stay in prime condition for longer and look better than your existing implementations. In this regard, tile is virtually unbeatable! Tile is highly resilient against water saturation, won’t be subject to scuffs or dings that can compromise other flooring materials and are easily repaired if damage does somehow befall a section of tile installation.

Versatility: As stated above, there’s no unwritten rule that says tiling is only admissible as a flooring material. Chances are you’ve seen gorgeous tile showers somewhere before—why not bring this level of sophistication into your own bathroom? Bathroom tiling in Glendale is easily applied to create stunning showerscapes of all types and when applied by a professional who understands the aesthetic requirements needed to create this luxurious amenity, you’re certain to have a finished product that’s fit for royalty.

Home value: You get out of your home what you put into it and this idea couldn’t be truer than when it comes to using quality materials in your bathroom. Tile flooring or a tile shower will serve to raise the overall value of your home—both actual value and the perceived value of anyone that may prospectively own it. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market sometime in the next 5-10 years, tiling your bathroom will give you a boost in value when the time does come to sell—and, until that day comes, you’ll get to enjoy your purchase in all of its luxury!

Remember, tile isn’t without its drawbacks—it’s more expensive per square foot than most materials, it can be hard to clean and when it’s damaged, the damage is far more noticeable. Aside from these things, however, tile is a smart choice for homeowners looking to get more out of their homes, specifically their bathrooms.

Revitalize Your Bathroom Tiling in Glendale with Professional Service

Tile floors in a bathroom are a luxury in and of themselves—they look great, last an exceptionally long time and can provide added resistance against water damage. Many homes today experience the benefits of tile flooring on a daily basis, however over time and without proper maintenance, these tile floors can lose some of the splendor that they once had. Aside from obvious blemishes, such as cracks and chips in the tile, grout contamination can render the spaces between your tiles dirty and gross. To make matters worse, regular at-home cleaning might not be enough to restore the sparkle to your tiles, which can be disheartening for any homeowner who works hard to maintain a pristine home.

If your bathroom tiling in Glendale is experiencing a noticeable drop in appearance or is damaged in an obvious way, it takes a professional touch to bring it back to the superior aesthetic that it once held. Take a look at a few simple ways that a professional can help you get the most out of your tile flooring, for longer:

Grout cleaning: The grout between your tiles is a tricky area to clean. Simply mopping over it or using a generic floor cleaning solution isn’t going to do the trick and bending over your grout for hours with a toothbrush and some bleach is sure to take a toll on your body and your day. A professional service will employ heavy-duty cleaning solutions that are safe, yet highly effective at removing contaminates from your grout, while at the same time restoring the shine that you’ve been missing from your tiles.

Minor tile replacement: You may have noticed that there’s a crack or chip in a couple of the tiles in your bathroom. These minor abrasions can come about at virtually any time and they’re usually the result of something being dropped on the floor. While a small crack or chip in your bathroom tiling in Glendale may not seem like something to worry about, if left unchecked, water saturation in these areas can cause damage to the flooring underneath your tile. Minor tile replacement by a professional repair company can unearth these few broken tiles and replace them with exact copies, giving you the look and protection that you deserve from your flooring.

Major tile replacement: Moving into a home where the bathroom tile has been neglected can be a frustrating experience. Luckily, if you enlist the help of a tile professional, you’ll be able to make quick work of this poor flooring situation and replace it with a brand new surface that’s luxurious and highly water resistant. Major tile replacement generally means ripping up entire sections of the existing tile or even the whole floor, where resealing and re-grouting needs to be undertaken in order to ensure a complete overhaul.

Believe it or not, tile is often much easier to service and repair than linoleum or wood, making it an exceptional choice for bathroom flooring. Whether you’re simply seeking to restore your existing tile or you’re on track for a brand new flooring experience, be sure to choose a tile professional who can help you get the look you desire from your bathroom.