Common Types of Shower Repair in Glendale, AZ

Showers often display conditions that many homeowners consider normal. However, many of these signs are far from normal and actually indicate a need for repairs. If you do not perform shower repair in Glendale, AZ as irregularities arise, you risk having to pay for a serious problem to be fixed later. Here are some of the common repairs needed for showers and the symptoms that indicate their necessity. You will be glad for this heads up that will keep your shower working!

Floor leveling

As showers get old, the floor will start to bow downwards. This happens as people stand on it and in tub-shower combinations, people tend to stand in one preferred spot, making this more likely in that design. This allows for water accumulation that can wear out the surface quicker.

People often assume their shower-tub combination is immune from this, but unfortunately, taking baths in addition to showers will worsen any surface damage. If you notice that water accumulates around the drain or in pockets around the shower floor, have this checked to see if resurfacing can improve the condition.

Fiberglass repair

The fibers in fiberglass showers wear out after some time and start to show exposed areas. If you do not repair these weak spots, you risk wet rot within your walls, as well as more extensive problems, including some that may put your bathroom out of commission for a while. Many of these repairs can be performed before the fiberglass wears down, so the sooner you contact a contractor, the better.

Tile replacement

Tiles can fall out for many reasons. Sometimes, they were simply not secured enough and all you need to do is glue one or two of them back in place. Other times, it is due to wear and tear, including moisture accumulating behind them. If the tiles are falling out over an expansive area, the water may be surfacing from behind your wall, revealing a serious problem. There is a chance a contractor will need to remove and replace all of the tile if the wall’s integrity is compromised.

Door replacement or repair

Shower doors receive a lot of abuse. Sometimes, it is just due to people shutting them too hard or kids being rough with them. Time and water will also take their toll, and you may need to replace closing mechanisms and rails so your shower door can continue doing its job of keeping water off your bathroom floor.

One nice thing about door replacement is that it’s a chance to change the look of your bathroom. While this may seem frustrating at first, you may be surprised at your options and how well something new will go in your bathroom.

Fixture replacement

While there are shower heads and knob sets you can buy at a hardware store and replace yourself, sometimes you may prefer a design that requires a bit more expert attention. This is especially true if you are replacing the fixtures at the same time you are resurfacing or installing tile. Having the contractor who is already there means saving time later—and making sure it is done right.

A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service, LLC is available for shower repair in Glendale, AZ whether you have porcelain, fiberglass or tile. Call us today so we can help you get your shower back in great shape.