Cleaning Techniques to Avoid Porcelain Repair in Phoenix

Porcelain is one of the oldest materials for bathroom fittings. Homes that retained their period fixtures often contain these delicate surfaces that could require porcelain repair in Phoenix if you treat them too harshly while cleaning or using them. Here is an explanation of why porcelain needs special care and how to provide that to these unique elements in your home.

Special properties of porcelain

Porcelain became popular for bathroom fixtures due to its durability. Most pieces, especially weight-bearing ones like bathtubs, are porcelain enamel with a cast iron base, which makes them stronger. However, while the porcelain is durable, it can also be porous, which allows it to chip, dent, scratch and discolor easily. The same surface damage can also occur with mishandling, which is why your porcelain fixtures require careful consideration during house cleaning.

Wipe down sinks every day

If you have a porcelain sink, give it a wipe down at the end of each day. After experiencing an especially busy day at the sink, consider using dishwashing liquid for extra cleaning power. Using a sponge or soft cloth, give it a once over to control soap scum, dirt and grease, as well as prevent damage and stains.

Keep it soft

Abrasive cleaners, like the granulated bathroom cleaner beloved by your grandmother, are too harsh for the porous surface of porcelain. Buy a product specifically for porcelain or make your own cleaner. Automatic dishwasher gel is good for the quick daily clean and it can also remove stains. Ammonia and water is also a good cleaning combination for porcelain. Many people report this brings back a shine to even the most abused of kitchen sinks and bathtubs, so give it a try on your porcelain fittings.

If you have rust stains, a paste of borax and lemon juice works very well. Rub it into the rust stain and then rinse with water. Even if you have bad stains in your sink, do not let the mixture sit too long, as that will weaken the surface.

Finally, you should always clean with something soft—no brushes or rough pads. Sponges work well, as do any soft rags.

Give porcelain a deep clean

Before you use this deep cleaning method, you will want to take steps to ventilate the room. This means opening windows in your kitchen (or near your kitchen) and running your bathroom fan.

Spread paper towels on the bottom of your fixture. Pour bleach over them without diluting it and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse with water and wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth. The bleach will help with stains and germs while the paper towels will protect the surface.

Continue with good-sense maintenance

For kitchen sinks, avoid placing hot items directly on the surface. Run pots and pans under cool water first. Also, do not drop heavy items on porcelain surfaces and be careful when you are installing metal fixtures like faucets. Dropping items like these can chip the surface.

At A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service, LLC we will understand if, despite your best intentions, you still require porcelain repair in Phoenix. Call us today to arrange an appointment and start anew with your porcelain sink, bathtub or shower.