Seven 2016 Design Trends for Bathrooms and Bath Tubs in Glendale, AZ

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2016 is improving your home, then you might consider doing so by investing in a bathroom facelift or full-on remodel. As a business that provides repair and refinishing of tiles, showers and bath tubs in Glendale, AZ part of our job is to stay up to date on the latest bathroom design trends, and we can tell you right now that 2016 is going to be a bold year for bathrooms. From lighting to tubs to tiles, here are all the hot design trends for bathrooms and bath tubs that our customers can expect to see this year:

  • Fresh lighting: With LED vanities, recessed lighting, lighting underneath the shower floor and much more, 2016 is the year when you can kiss everything you thought you knew about bathroom lighting goodbye. Change the way you look at your bathroom by exploring all the options.
  • Statement tiles: No longer are bathroom tiles confined to boring, rigid patterns. Instead, now is the time to experiment with bold colors and fun geometric shapes, making your bathroom floor or shower tiling one of a kind. Just make sure that all parts of the bathroom are consistent with one another.
  • Natural design: Over the past few years, natural design has been all the rage, and now that trend is finally moving into the bathroom. Wooden counters and floors, jagged stone accents and even an entire plant wall are great ways to incorporate this style, but make sure you can commit to the upkeep.
  • Freestanding tubs: For years, practical shower-tub combinations have been the norm, and they are still smart for more functional bathrooms. But if you want to create a master bathroom oasis and have a lot of space to work with, freestanding bath tubs in Glendale, AZ are a wonderfully luxurious and elegant choice.
  • Floating vanities: Rather than going with a more traditional framed bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet, consider a floating, frameless vanity that has a roller door (similar to how a residential garage door opens). This will make your bathroom feel less cluttered, and give it a cool, modern vibe.
  • Frameless shower doors: Following the minimalist, modern trend, consider frameless, clear shower doors to create a seamless flow in your bathroom. Obviously, if multiple people use the bathroom to get ready in the morning at the same time, this is not a great privacy option. But if you have the room to yourself, consider splurging a little.
  • Extension of the home: Typically, the bathroom is the one room of the house that tends to break with the general design scheme. But lately, more people have been thinking of the bathroom as an extension of another room, using decorative accents to blend it with the rest of the home.

Whatever design ideas you choose to incorporate into your bathroom remodel in the coming year, we hope you will consider hiring A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. for all your tiling, bath tub, vanity and shower work.