How to Plan and Prepare for Vanity Refinishing in Glendale

It has finally happened—today you walked past your guest bathroom and cringed. You’re having a hard time wrapping your head around the fact that the bathroom vanity looks an awful fright, dated and lacking the luster it once had. Instead of replacing it, why not look into a vanity facelift? But before you go any further, make sure to properly plan and prepare for vanity refinishing in Glendale.

Used as a designated area for grooming, a vanity is the centerpiece of a bathroom, typically consisting of the bathroom sink, a countertop (which is also referred to as a bench top), cabinets and sometimes drawers. The cabinetry part of a vanity doubles as a storage unit and a way to conceal plumbing pipes from view. In some bathrooms, you will notice that the sink and counter spaces are separate—still a vanity, just side by side instead of meshed together as a single fixture.

Know what you want to refinish

Since a vanity is composed of several pieces, including a sink, countertop and a cabinet underneath the sink, it is best to map out which of these things you want to refinish. Most vanity refinishing in Glendale ends up being part of a total home project to redo counters, cabinets and sinks for consistency, even if one of the pieces is not in need of a complete overhaul.

While assessing for what you want to refinish, this is also the time to assess how you want to refinish. Types of materials aside, really think about the color scheme you would like to have in your bathroom, and then see if the finishing that’s going to be applied comes in different colors.

Research your type of materials

For bathroom countertops, they must be a waterproof, water resistant material. Like the sink, your bathroom countertop surface encounters enough water and moisture daily to become ruined if the finish is weakened or simply fitted with the wrong type of material. Refinish surfaces if the material is right, but if you need to, replace counters with bathroom quality materials like tile, glazed ceramic, porcelain or fiberglass.

Like countertops, sinks may require refinishing to repair minor chips and cracks before they turn into bigger problems. Plan to refinish porcelain, polished stone, sealed concrete sinks and the like as a part of your home maintenance, particularly if you want your sink to last a long time. And single fixture vanities usually sit into the tops of wood cabinets, which tend to wear down over time. Reapplying the wood finishing on cabinets can repair small splits and adds back its welcoming shine.

Caring for your refinished vanity

Once the pros have completed refinishing your vanity, keep in mind that there are a few dos and don’ts to follow. In order for the finish to set properly, it’s advised to not use the vanity area for a couple days. Refrain from immediately cleaning it, especially with harsh chemicals, and don’t attempt to pick off dust particles or other debris.

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