Bathtub Refinishing in Glendale vs. Installing a New Tub

If you are considering updating your bathtub, you might be wondering what the more time efficient, long lasting and affordable option is: installing a new tub, or investing in bathroom refinishing in Glendale? While there are different arguments to be made for either side, the only way to know for sure is to examine the two options through the lens of three crucial concerns: how long the job will take, how long the results will last and how much it will cost. To that end, here is a look at how bathtub refinishing in Glendale compares to installing a new tub.

Round one: time for job

Having contractors in your home for days or weeks on end is a pain, and many families would gladly take an alternative approach, especially if it offered the same general benefits. When you hire a contractor to install a brand new tub, the very best you can hope for is for them to be out of your hair within a few days. Unfortunately, those few days can easily turn into a few weeks.

Bathtub refinishing, on the other hand, is a very straightforward process. It typically takes about four to five hours to apply, and then another four to five hours before the tub is completely useable. This means that when you opt for refinishing, you could have the equivalent of a new tub in just one working day.

Round two: longevity

Bathtub refinishing might take a shorter amount of time to complete, but does it offer the same longevity as a brand new tub? Well, it all depends on how well you care for it. If you clean it regularly and avoid using harsh chemicals, it should easily last 10 to 15 years.

And as it turns out, that is also the exact amount of time that most people can expect a new tub to last before it starts showing signs of wear. That means that in the category of longevity, new tubs and refinished tubs are in a virtual tie.

Round three: price

Sure, convenience and durability matter, but for most households, there is one factor that can easily outweigh all the others: price. While the actual cost of a new bathtub might only be a few hundred dollars, there are often various extra fees for plumbing services, installation and surfacing the new tub. That means that when all is said and done, your new tub could cost as much as $2,500! Refinishing, on the other hand, also typically costs a few hundred dollars—but with no extra charges, it is a significantly cheaper option.

We have our winner!

With one virtual tie and two outright wins, it looks like bathtub refinishing in Glendale is the obvious winner of this matchup. The next time you are thinking about updating your tub, we hope you will keep these three rounds of competition in mind.

If you do choose to refinish your tub, the team at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. will be happy to do the job for you. Call us today to learn more!