Two Solutions for Worn-Out Bath Tubs in Glendale

When your tub needs an overhaul, but you just aren’t ready for a remodel, you do have options—two of them, to be precise, as you can have a tub liner installed or a spray finish applied. Both are very different options for your bath tubs in Glendale, but they can make a world of difference to the appearance of your bathroom.

Installing tub liners

Having a tub liner installed takes some precision, as a mold is made of your bath tub using a sheet of acrylic. Weighing in at 35 lbs or so, the tub liner will slip fully over your existing tub shape. It will be designed to provide an exact match of the dimensions of your existing tub structure, so it fits snugly in place.

A tub installer can easily install this liner into your bath tub by prepping your old tub with alcohol and removing the drain and trim. This will allow the liner to snap into place against the walls, where two-sided tape and a silicone adhesive will attach it in place.

Then, a new drain will be added, and the seams will be caulked. The time needed to create the bath tub liner into a mold can take four to six weeks, but only six to eight hours to install when completed. Once liners for bath tubs in Glendale have been installed, you can begin using your tub immediately. A tub liner will drastically change the look of your whole bathroom, giving it a clean and fresh appearance.

Applying a spray finish

Having bath tubs in Glendale re-glazed takes some effort, as the process requires respirators due to the strong chemicals used. Your bathroom will be protected from head to toe so that none of the finish gets on a surface that it shouldn’t. Proper ventilating will also be taken into consideration.

First, hydrofluoric acid will be applied to dissolve the existing porcelain glaze. It preps the surface, so the new finish application will adhere. Once clean and dry, two coats of epoxy will be added. This also helps to adhere the finish.

All dust and dirt will be wiped away, and then four coats of polyurethane finishing coat will be applied. Bath tubs in Glendale will have to be lightly sanded between each coat, but then the tub will be polished with the final application to give it a nice sheen.

In total, it will take a tub refinisher approximately four to six hours to complete this process. The tub will need to cure for 24 hours or more before water can touch its surface. The end result will amaze you, as you will have a new looking bath tub without having to rip your old tub out.

Having a liner installed or investing in re-glazing for your bath tubs in Glendale are the ideal ways to freshen up a bathroom without the headaches and hassles of remodeling. Call A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. to have your bath tub redone using either process. We can get your bathroom looking like new again, without the added cost of tearing out fixtures or knocking down walls.