Understanding the Fumes Associated with Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is a necessary maintenance step if you wish to improve the appearance and structural integrity of your tub. The most dangerous part of the bathtub refinishing process is inhaling the fumes associated with the job. It’s also possible to injure yourself if the product comes in contact with the skin. For these reasons, proper ventilation and a well-fitting respirator are essential if you’re considering tackling a bathtub refinishing project on your own.

Of course, you could also bypass all these concerns by hiring professionals for bathtub refinishing in Glendale, AZ instead. But if you’re planning on doing it yourself, read on to find out the risks and how to keep yourself safe:

  • Recognize the dangers: The sad reality is that fumes have taken the lives of people who have failed to prepare adequately for this hazardous situation. The CDC reports that 14 workers have died since 2000 as a result of using stripping agents in bathtub refinishing that contained methylene chloride. This is an extremely dangerous compound when not used in the right way. Methylene chloride is liable to affect brain function, reducing concentration. Exposure to this dangerous chemical may cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea and eye, nose and throat irritation.
  • Ventilation: One of the main keys is ensuring that air is moving in and out of the bathroom so that the fumes don’t stick around for too long. A good start is to leave the bathroom vent fan running on high. If you’re able to open a window or otherwise encourage the circulation of air, you should do so.
  • Read the signs: If the fumes are a bit overwhelming at any point during the application process, you need to remove yourself from the room. The smell of the fumes will decrease as the products dry. Some people are more sensitive to the odor of refinishing fumes then others, so it’s important to respond to what your body is telling you.
  • Come prepared: No matter if you’re refinishing a tub or using a chemical stripper, you need to use organic vapor cartridges. A dust mask isn’t going to do the trick and will provide no benefits.

Do you want to hand over the potentially hazardous job of bathtub refinishing in Glendale, AZ to the professionals? Let’s face facts: it just makes sense to bring in experts who will do the job right the first time, all while staying safe.

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