Cleaning Tips for Refinished Bathtubs

The bathtub is one of the most important features of your bathroom, so it’s important that you do what you can to keep it in good condition for years to come. Regular use of the bathtub will, over time, result in some wear and tear and discoloration, and if you fail to keep it properly clean, you could start to see some mildew growth as well.

The good news is that, if your bathtub gets to the point where its appearance has been significantly affected, you can refinish or reglaze the bathtub to restore its appearance. These processes typically involve stripping off the original finish, and then applying a new finish. You can do this to either bring the tub back to its original color or appearance, or to change its appearance entirely.

Of course, if you’ve refinished your bathtub, it becomes even more important to keep up with your cleaning and general maintenance to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. With this in mind, here are some tips for refinished bathtub maintenance in Phoenix, AZ that you should be sure to keep in mind as a homeowner:

  • Keep it clean: As we mentioned previously, keeping your bathtub clean will help you to slow discoloration and avoid issues with mildew and mold. In the curing phase that occurs after you’ve refinished your tub, you should make sure to clean the tub regularly with a sponge and soap to prevent dust from settling into the finish while it’s drying.
  • Waxing: After you’ve reglazed your bathtub, one of the best things you can do to keep up its appearance is make sure you’ve regularly waxed the surface. You should do this first within two weeks after the new finish has been applied, being sure to clean the surface beforehand. You can use standard auto wax, and apply it with a damp cloth. After that first waxing, you can continue to wax once every one to three months as needed to keep it looking pristine.
  • Ventilation: You should always be sure to keep your bathroom well ventilated. If your bathroom does not have an air vent and fan in the ceiling, you should strongly consider installing one. This will help to prevent moisture from just sitting on surfaces in your bathroom and will cut down on humidity levels, both of which will help prevent the formation of mildew and mold.
  • Keep surfaces dry: Again, if you want to prevent mildew from forming, you should make sure to keep all the surfaces in your bathroom dry. After you use a bathtub, use a dry towel to wipe out the inside of the tub. Do not leave wet washcloths or sponges lying around.
  • Quick repairs: If any chips or cracks form in the surface of the tub, repair them immediately. Otherwise water will be able to get into the cracks, which could result in a breeding ground for mold.

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