How to Repair a Crack in Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a fantastic material for bathtubs and showers because it can withstand a ton of wear and tear without failing—but the material can crack in some scenarios. You’ll need to address these cracks ASAP to prevent them from widening or getting longer.

Luckily, DIY fiberglass repair is an option if you have some free time on your hands. Follow these tips to fix your broken tub or shower by yourself:

  • Put on protective gear: The first step is to put on some personal protective equipment (PPE). Wear gloves, eye protection and a dust mask to prevent inhaling fiberglass dust or irritating your skin or eyes with the epoxy you’ll use later.
  • Drill a hole in fiberglass: As we just mentioned, fiberglass cracks can get longer as time goes on. To prevent that from happening, you’ll want to drill tiny holes on both ends of the crack.
  • Widen the crack: It sounds counterintuitive, but you actually need to widen hairline cracks just a bit to fill the crack with epoxy resin. You can do this with an electric or handheld rotary blade. Just make sure that you don’t widen it too much.
  • Wipe the crack: Next you’ll need to clean the crack with acetone to get rid of any excess dirt or grime. Acetone is the best choice for the job because it doesn’t leave any residue.
  • Fill with epoxy resin: Now that the area is clean and dry, fill the hole with epoxy resin using a plastic applicator. Be sure that the crack is completely filled.
  • Sand the surface: Once the epoxy dries for a day or two, your last step is to smooth it down with sandpaper.

Why should you hire a pro for fiberglass repair?

It seems pretty easy to follow the steps above to fix any damaged fiberglass—but trust us, you’re better off hiring a professional for these reasons:

  • Proper assessment: First and foremost, a professional can take a look at the fiberglass and tell you whether or not repairing the damage is even worth it. For example, you might be better off just replacing a fiberglass tub if it has a massive hole in it.
  • Guaranteed results: If your fiberglass specialist determines that fiberglass repair is the best option, they’re sure to do a better job of fixing the damage than you could. Not only will the repaired area look better, but the repaired patch will hold up better over time.
  • Save your time: Whether it’s damaged fiberglass or a broken appliance, hiring a repairman to fix it always saves your time. Think of all the better things you could do with your time than worrying about fixing a crack in your tub.

Call our team first

Before even wasting money on the materials for DIY fiberglass repair, just call our pros at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service Co., L.L.C. We offer fair pricing, and our team has years of experience—you can trust that the job will be done right the first time and you won’t spend a fortune on repairs.