What Types of Bathroom Sinks Can I Use in a Home Remodel?

A variety of bathroom sink styles and materials makes it possible to install and use simple but effective sinks that are relatively affordable. You also could buy sinks that are very ornate and made from costly materials that could greatly increase the price. It is important to choose the bathroom sink styles and materials that will deliver the best use and long-term satisfaction.

Different Types of Sinks to Consider

Choosing the best bathroom sink ideas to use often depends on how the existing plumbing enters the bathroom and the size of the room. Some sinks might stand alone on a pedestal. Others might be mounted to the wall or rest on a countertop.

Specialty sinks even fit into corners so that small spaces can house small bathrooms. You just need to consider the available space and likely uses to determine the best bathroom sink ideas.

Choose the Best Basin Materials

You could buy a very nice sink that would look great in a master bathroom and a family bathroom. Bathroom sinks are used often but seldom for anything more than washing your hands and brushing your teeth. Good materials for a bathroom sink include:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Fireclay

Some bathroom sinks might be used in a more industrial capacity, like at a work site. It might be best to use a sink built from a sturdy metal that resists scratches and dents for more industrial types of bathroom uses. Some of the best for that include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper

You could also buy sinks made from composite materials or even glass. The wide variety of sink materials makes it important to determine what works best for each sink in your home.

How To Choose the Appropriate Shape

A sink basin comes in many shapes and sizes. They could be rectangular or square and fit in a more modular setting. Others could be oval or round and have shallow sides that taper down to a drain. Consider the size of your bathroom, how you need to mount the sink, and how often it is likely to be used when choosing the best bathroom sink styles and materials.

A good rule of thumb is the fewer people who will use a sink, the smaller it can be. A sink that is used is a spare bathroom or mostly is used by one person does not have to be large and bulky. The budget also plays a big role in choosing your ideal bathroom sink. You obviously need one that will match your budget while doing all you need to do.