What Is the History of Porcelain?

The history of porcelain dates back many years. The Tang Dynasty, around 600 AD, is generally accredited with having or creating the first primitive forms of porcelain. From its beginning, though, Porcelain is characterized by whiteness that has always helped to set it apart.

That also explains why porcelain is a sought-after and popular material for high-quality vases and tableware, in addition to various collectibles, such as dolls.

Types of Porcelain

Porcelain is appreciated for its unrivaled appearance, finish, and gloss, unlike any other material we know. Also known as China (for the namesake of where it is made), porcelain is composed of two materials, kaolin and petuntse. That latter is found only in China, while kaolin is responsible for the exceptional whiteness associated with porcelain.

There are also three basic types of porcelain; hard-paste, soft-paste, and bone china. While each of these is desired, there are some distinct differences between them.

Hard-Paste Porcelain

If you are paying top-dollar for porcelain, then the chances are good you are looking at hard-paste porcelain. This type of porcelain is considered the purest form and strictly uses kaolin and petuntse in its manufacture.

Soft-Paste Porcelain

This European-born type of porcelain, also known as artificial porcelain, is composed of fine clay and glass-like substances. It was created to mimic porcelain and has a softer and creamy color. Although considered second-tier to pure porcelain, soft-paste porcelain has garnered and earned a place among collectors everywhere.

Bone China

This popular form of porcelain still uses kaolin and petuntse, but also adds bone ash from animals to its composition. Almost exclusively produced in Europe, porcelain manufacturers discovered this combination of materials during the mid-1700s. One of the most distinct differences in bone china is an increased translucence in the final product.

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