Make Shower Refinishing in Glendale Part of a Bathroom Remodel

For many, their shower provides a place of solitude and relaxation; it’s a space to really think. That is why it is important that your shower is always nice, welcoming and comfortable. For some people, it offers a space in which to reflect, while for others, the shower is the ultimate stage from which to belt out their favorite tunes. But many people do not update their shower due to concerns that it is too costly and time consuming.

In fact, you can actually improve your shower exponentially without spending too much money or even touching the plumbing behind the walls. In addition, there are options for every budget and style in order to make your shower into the perfect escape, from new fixtures to shower refinishing in Glendale. Here are three easy shower ideas you might incorporate into your bathroom remodel:

While there are many changes you can make to your shower by yourself, it is important to remember that you should always leave the big repairs and heavy-duty remodeling to the professionals. For any shower repairs you want to make that involve tearing out walls or working with your plumbing, contact A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service LLC. For the past 30 years, we have been making area bathrooms beautiful once more with our experience in bathtub, sink, vanity and shower refinishing in Glendale. Let us make your bathroom shine and sparkle like new!

What BBB Accreditation Guarantees from Your Phoenix Bathtub Refinishing Company

There are numerous ways to go about hiring a Phoenix bathtub refinishing company. For most people, the process typically begins with searching the Internet or Yellow Pages and finding a professional company with a stable business address. Checking online reviews and asking for referrals is always a good way to help determine whether a company is worth considering or not.

Other people like to ask friends or family members for recommended companies—this can be a great way to hire a contractor since someone you know has personal experience working with them. No matter how you choose to find a company, remember to call ahead and have a conversation with them so you can assess their professionalism. Always ask about experience and pricing, and consider whether you might want several companies to inspect the work you need done for competitive bidding.

Another key component of assessing a company is determining whether they are BBB accredited. Here is what BBB accreditation guarantees from your Phoenix bathtub refinishing company.

Setting a high bar

Many people are not aware that the Better Business Bureau offers an accreditation that helps consumers determine whether a company or contracting service is worth working with or not. Even fewer people understand that not every company can become accredited. In other words, it is not just a simple process in which every company can become accredited. In fact, the process requires a lot on the part of the company or contractor, both to receive and maintain accreditation. The goal of receiving accreditation is to prove that the company maintains certain ethical standards and provides quality services for consumers. No con artist companies or disreputable contractors will maintain accreditation, or even manage to earn it in the first place.

The process to earn accreditation for a Phoenix bathtub refinishing company begins with experience. In order to even apply for accreditation, a company or contractor must be established in business for at least a year, and approved companies typically have more experience than this. Experience means knowing the trade and industry and speaks to quality service. It also offers a track record of accomplished business—poor service serves as evidence that the company should not be BBB accredited. For accreditation, a company must also follow all licensing and bonding requirements for their particular business. Many companies that offer poor service do not adequately follow the law. BBB accreditation ensures the company complies with all relevant legal requirements.

Maintaining high standards all around

All BBB accredited companies must maintain certain ethical standards. This means transparency, integrity and self-regulation in the industry to ensure no shady business practices. Importantly, the company must also follow many honest advertising principals to make sure no consumers have been misled. Companies must also stay free from government action or major complaints to maintain BBB accreditation.

In sum, going with a Phoenix bathtub refinishing company that is BBB accredited means hiring a company that has a guaranteed track record of offering quality business services in their community. While your search for a company might begin with the Internet or asking friends, remember to make your final decision by checking whether the company is BBB accredited.

Vanity Refinishing in Glendale Can Help Your Bathroom Shine

For most people, the centerpiece of their bathroom is the bathroom vanity. It’s where so much of the action happens, and it’s often the first thing someone notices upon walking into the bathroom. But having a gorgeous bathroom vanity doesn’t come very easily. You need beautiful fixtures and a quality countertop to start with, and then you have to remember to keep it nice and clean on a regular basis. Many people succeed on these fronts, but unfortunately, scratches, gouges, water damage and general wear and tear take their toll over time, and what’s left is a vanity that’s seen better days. A damaged bathroom vanity looks far less appealing, and isn’t exactly going to inspire anyone to linger in the bathroom any longer than they have to.

The good news is that there’s an option that can bring a lively shine back to even the saddest looking bathroom vanity: professional vanity refinishing in Glendale. By using professional materials and equipment, a skilled contractor can turn your old vanity into something much nicer, with far less damage to your bank account and very little disruption to your everyday life.

Having your bathroom vanity refinished by a professional is a great investment in the appearance and function of a part of your home in which comfort and elegance is important. If you just want your home to look nice and be well kept up, vanity refinishing is a good solution to a problem that can seem small at first, but that has the potential to become much worse.

One of the other major benefits of refinishing your bathroom vanity is that it’s generally a much less expensive option than replacing it. Besides, if you’re fond of your existing vanity, why part with it if it’s possible to have it looking much more like new? Not only that, but the process of replacing a vanity is quite a bit more complicated and time-consuming, as well, once you factor in having to deal with plumbing, mirror removal, messes and other hassles. The refinishing process, however, creates much less of a headache, and can typically be started and finished within a day or so.

Perhaps best of all, refinishing your bathroom vanity can extend its life by 10 to 15 years, and maybe even longer. For far less than the cost of replacement, you can have the vanity you know and love in smooth and shiny condition once again. That way, you can save the money you were planning spend on a brand-new vanity and focus on making some other, more pressing home improvement.

Finding the right professional contractor capable of vanity refinishing in Glendale is not a process that should be undertaken lightly. When you’re convinced that something can be done about your dull and worn-looking vanity, look for a contractor that’s licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. can provide high quality refinishing services and have your bathroom vanity looking better than ever. Call us today for a free estimate!

Popular Options for Your Next Counter Top Finishing in Glendale, AZ

Countertops are the essence of any bathroom or kitchen for a reason—they’re an anchor for design, optimal for functionality and can represent a huge investment in your space, as well as your home altogether. But, when it comes to counter top finishing in Glendale, AZ, it can be hard to make a decisive move in regards to which material is right for your space. To help, we’ve outlined some of the most popular types of countertops and what they bring to the table:

But, when it comes to picking out your next counter top finishing in Glendale, AZ, the decision isn’t solely based on the material you’re choosing to install—it’s also about the fixtures and other materials that will complement it. Take a look at some good tips to keep in mind:

When it does come time for you to make the upgrade to your countertops—whether in your bathroom or your kitchen—do so knowing that you’re making a decision that you’re comfortable with, as well as one that will remain sustainable and give you the most bang for your buck.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning After a Bathtub Refinishing in Phoenix, AZ

Refinishing your bathtub is usually done to help restore your existing amenities to a clean, pristine-looking state. But why do our tubs lose their shine over time and what can be done to prevent it? You may be surprised to learn that a majority of bathtub breakdowns occur as the result of cleaning them with abrasive cleaners, rather than succumbing to normal wear and tear—its this breakdown that invites in other particulates that can build up and cause decay in the enamel of your tub.

So, this begs the question: if cleaning your tub can actually break it down over time, leading to a need for bathtub refinishing in Phoenix, AZ, how exactly are you supposed to keep it sanitized? This is a question that many people find themselves asking after a professional has helped to restore their tub and to those people, we invite you to read ahead on how to properly clean and care for your tub!

Safe cleaners

There’s no shortage of bathroom cleaning products on the market today—nearly an entire aisle in your local grocery or hardware store is dedicated to bathroom cleanliness! Some of these products, however, have no business in your bathroom, as they’re known to cause decay in the protective layers of your tub or shower.

Cleaning products with abrasive chemicals or high acidity may get rid of those soap scum stains, but they’re also destroying the layer of protection that your tub relies on to stay clean and healthy. Bleaches also have a tendency to take a toll on tubs, which can lead to a faster breakdown of the materials in your bathroom, leading to more frequent bathtub refinishing in Phoenix, AZ.

The smartest choices in cleaning chemicals are those that are proven to be gentle on the enamel of your tub. Lysol products are known for their effective, yet safe approach to stain removal, alongside 409 cleaners and watered down bleaches. But, even if you use these products, it’s important not to use scouring pads, which are just as damaging to your tub as a harsh chemical.

Cleaning more often

One of the easiest ways to avoid bathtub refinishing in Phoenix, AZ is to take charge of cleaning your bathtub in a way that will extend its life. Along with using better cleaners and less abrasive cleaning methods, it’s also in your best interest to clean more frequently.

For many people, designating that twice monthly cleaning day for their bathrooms may seem like enough to keep the stains at bay, however by doing less intense cleaning more often, you’ll actually be cutting down on the work you have to do, while extending your tub’s overall pristine appearance. Cleaning once weekly will keep your tub in good standing and your overall effort to beautify your bathroom will be minimal.

Looking for more tips on how to keep your tub and shower looking good for the long haul? Consider speaking with an expert the next time you have repairs or restoration work done—you might learn a few simple things that can help you to enjoy your bathroom amenities for longer.