Three Reasons to Invest in Counter Top Repair in Phoenix, AZ Versus a Brand New Installation

When something breaks or wears down, it’s human nature to want to replace it with something better and your home’s countertops are no exception. If they’ve suffered damage over the years or have fallen victim to a chance accident recently that has left them scarred, it’s quite tempting to start squirreling away money for a brand new countertop installation. But, instead of shelling out all of that cash for brand new materials, why not give counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ a shot?

Counter top repair is much easier, far more cost effective and quicker to complete than a brand new installation—not to mention effective at restoring your existing aesthetic to a brand-new level. Take a look at the top three reasons to choose counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ over an unnecessary installation:

  1. New countertops are expensive! What material are your current countertops? High-end granite or marble? Affordable laminate? How about quartz or travertine? No matter what material you currently enjoy, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to replace it, as compared to simply fixing up your existing installation. Plus, if you redo your countertops, you’ll be tempted to go big or go home and few homeowners plan far enough ahead to budget once they’ve made the decision to replace their countertops, let alone upgrade them!
  2. Your room will be useless while the replacements are taking place. In a room like the bathroom or kitchen, you need full access all of the time—access that you aren’t going to have when you have to worry about how long it’s going to take to fully replace your countertops. Counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ is far quicker and only centers on the affected areas, allowing you to still make use of the areas not being treated.
  3. You get more bang for your buck with repairs. Everyone always says, “make improvements to your home and its value will increase.” While these people may be speaking the truth, no one ever said that the improvements had to be brand new to bestow value! In fact, fixing up your existing countertops to look like new will instill value in your home almost as well as investing in new countertops will—both perceived value and actual value! It’s all about how they look and feel when it comes to determining their real value.

If you’re scrubbing down your countertops one day and realize that they’re a little worse for the wear, don’t be so hasty to jump to conclusions—doing so may cost you far more than you had anticipated. Instead, consider the cost-effective choice of counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ, as opposed to a complete renovation. Better yet, give the professionals at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service LLC a call today to learn how refinishing your countertops can be just as good, if not better, than investing in brand new materials!