Curious About Counter Top Repair in Phoenix, AZ? Here’s What to Expect

Are your counter tops showing signs of wear and needing to be replaced? While you may think you need to replace them, it’s entirely possible that they only need to be repaired. This will give your counter tops new life at a fraction of the cost. And not only will counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ, save you money—it will also avoid the mess and time associated with replacing your counter tops.

Benefits of counter top repair

Counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ can make old and worn counter tops look new again. Repairs can be done on a multitude of surfaces, including porcelain and fiberglass. The process requires the use of a very hard and durable acrylic coating, which is applied to the surface of your existing counter top. It can change the appearance of your counter tops to a different texture or color, as well as repair cracks and chips.

The biggest benefit to repairing your counter tops is the amount of money you will save compared to having them completely replaced. On average, a homeowner will save between 30 percent and 50 percent over replacement costs by investing in counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ. This is works particularly well on custom counter tops or very large surface counter tops that would be costly to replace.

Unlike replacing your counter tops, repairs can typically be done in 24 to 36 hours, and you won’t have the mess of demolition. You can have a new look in your kitchen in hours, as opposed to the days it would take to replace your counter tops with new ones. Counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ will also give your counter tops a useful life of up to 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance.

What to expect with counter top repair

When completing counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ, a contractor will first prepare your counter tops for the application. They will clean the counter tops and dry the surface, removing any dirt and lint. They will then mark the damaged area, masking scratched surfaces with tape. Next, an adhesive will be applied to your counter tops and left to dry for at least 24 hours. Once dried, a sealant will be put on over the adhesive. This is designed to protect against scratches and chips and give your counter tops a nice shine. The last step is to wipe the surface clean after the sealant has cured. When complete, you will have beautiful new counter tops to appreciate.

If your counter tops are worn or damaged, think about repairing them before you replace them. Counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ is a budget-friendly alternative to replacing counter tops. You can change their look and enjoy them for many years to come. When you need to repair your counter tops, contact A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. We are an experienced contractor knowledgeable in the repair and refinishing of countertops, bathtubs, showers, sinks, vanities and tiles. With over 30 years in business, A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. offers competitive pricing and quality work, courtesy of our knowledgeable technicians.

Answering Your Common Questions About Counter Top Finishing in Glendale

Here at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C., we are happy to offer a wide range of quality and affordable services that are meant to improve our customers’ lives. For example, our counter top finishing in Glendale offers a convenient and easy way to improve one’s bathroom or kitchen without breaking the bank.

But if you have never had your counter top finished before, you might be wondering how the process works, and whether now is the time for you to invest in it. With that in mind, here are answers to six frequently asked questions regarding counter top finishing in Glendale.

Why refinish my countertop?

Does your current countertop have stains or blemishes that will not come out, or has it dulled in appearance over time? Or maybe you are just tired of the outdated finish you currently have on your counters? Whatever the issue is, you ought to have your countertops refinished when your old ones stop being satisfactory, or when you want to add value to your home.

What is the cost difference of refinishing versus replacing?

If you want to replace your entire counter top with a completely different material, that option is certainly available to you. But if you are trying to stay within a tight budget, it is worth keeping in mind that refinishing typically costs only a small fraction of replacing the counter top altogether. Not to mention the fact that refinishing is a quicker and more convenient option as well.

How long should a refinishing job last?

A quality refinishing job, if properly maintained and well-cared for, can last up to 25 years before it will start to crack or dull. Of course, that varies a bit based on material and outside factors, but it’s safe to say that a refinished counter is a wise investment that will pay for itself over time.

Can cracks be fixed?

Cracks in countertops can certainly be fixed in the refinishing process, though it might require a little extra time and money. That being said, it is still a much cheaper option than replacing the entire counter, and hiring a quality business will help ensure seamless results.

How long will this job take?

If you are looking for a quick home improvement job that can be done in under a week, counter top refinishing is a great option. Our jobs usually do not take more than a couple days to be fully completed, depending on the materials used.

Who can I count on for quality counter top finishing in Glendale?

Finally, finding the right business to assist with counter top finishing in Glendale will likely mean the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding kitchen or bathroom. To find a trustworthy business in your area, seek out experience, full licensing and certification, membership with the BBB of Northern Arizona and strong customer service skills.

Those looking for a business that embodies all of the above qualities and more are encouraged to get in touch with the team at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C.

Five Ways to Extend the Life of Your Bathroom’s Counter Tops

Your bathroom’s countertops are one of the most important facets of the room, whether you realize it or not. Try putting on makeup or brushing your teeth or shaving without a countertop and you’re likely going to have a lot of trouble! But with all of the versatility that a countertop offers you, comes a myriad of abuse that you’re not seeing as you put them to the test each and every day.

After years and years of serving as your platform for any and all bathroom activities, it’s often not surprising when countertops crack, scuff, discolor or become damaged in any other way. Often, these damages can be mitigated or avoided altogether with the right approach. Take a look at five ways to extend the life of your bathroom’s countertops and reduce the odds that you’ll need counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ:

  1. Keep hot and cold extremes off of your countertops whenever possible! This means curling irons, flat irons, hot blow driers and other hair care accessories, as well as things like ice packs or frozen beverages, should not be left on your countertops! These temperature extremes can cause stress to the material and over time, can wear down the resilience of a space that has seen too much abuse.
  2. Keep chemical cleaners to a minimum when it comes to making your bathroom sparkle. The leading cause of countertop damage is often abrasive cleaning chemicals that slowly wear away at the sealant of a countertop, causing other forms of wear and tear to quickly take root. Stick to the natural cleaners and you should preserve your countertops for longer.
  3. Clean often and thoroughly! Not only will this keep grime and debris from accumulating on your countertops to deteriorate them slowly, it’ll also make your bathroom feel more welcoming and inviting, not to mention cleaner. All it takes is a deep clean once a week and minor tidiness throughout the week and your bathroom will sparkle, including those countertops.
  4. Reduce the impacts that your countertops take on a daily basis. This means avoiding slamming objects down on the surface, trying not to drop items on your countertops, etc. All it takes is one well placed drop or one unfortunate object slamming into the countertop to create a small chip or crack and you’ve got yourself a constant reminder of the incident.
  5. Wash your hands frequently. Yes, that’s right, washing your hands can help to improve the life of your countertops! How? Well, your hands have all sorts of natural oils on them, which can get on the countertops themselves when you touch them… and long after you walk away the oils and other microbes will still be there, doing damage to your surface. Washing your hands helps to minimize this impact.

If you’re wondering how to make your countertops look better for longer and avoid costly counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ, start with the five tips above! You’re sure to see a noticeable difference in the longevity of this oft-used bathroom necessity.

Blemishes Aren’t a Death Sentence for Your Counter Tops

There’s going to be a point in your time as a homeowner when you look down at your counter and see a spot. You’ll sponge that area or rub it with your thumb, but nothing will happen, so you’ll break out the chemical cleaners and really put some elbow grease into it… only to see that nothing is working. And then you’ll finally realize that the stain, spot or blemish that you’ve been toiling to remove isn’t going anywhere.

It’s disheartening and you’re likely going to think that you’re out of options when you discover a spot on your countertop that’s permanent. But, thankfully, there are some options that you can look into to salvage the integrity of your materials, including professional counter top finishing in Glendale, AZ.

Too many people think that counter top refinishing and counter top replacement are the same things, but the truth is that they couldn’t be more different. As the name might imply, counter top replacement pertains to ripping out and replacing your counter materials entirely, whereas counter top finishing in Glendale, AZ simply means stripping the surface coat off of a material, cleaning it, then restoring the protective coating that was damaged in the first place!

You see, the spot that won’t come out of your counter top usually has nothing to do with the material itself—virtually all counter materials are protected by a clear coat or other layer of protection that shields the material itself from abrasive contaminants. When this layer is damaged, it’ll be easily spotted and hard to eliminate without professional knowledge. But, with the right tools and understanding, counter top finishing in Glendale, AZ can be implemented to clean off the seemingly permanent blemish without forgoing the material underneath.

There’s a reason that professional knowledge is required to complete counter top refinishing, however—without knowledge of how the process works and what needs to be done to ensure its success, you could find yourself damaging the very materials that you’re seeking to preserve! Once the clear, protective layer of your countertop is gone, it leaves the underlying materials exposed to any number of damages—all it takes is one misstep in the process and your quick fix will turn into a very expensive overhaul.

So when should you seek counter top finishing in Glendale, AZ? Is it cost effective for a small blemish that’s easily hidden by the toothbrush cup or is it something that’s better invested in when your countertop is on its last legs? The answer all has to do with the severity of the blemish and where it’s located on your counter top. If the blemish is severe (distinct discoloration) it should be taken care of right away. If the blemish is located in a highly visible location, it’s also a smart investment to see that it’s taken care of right away. Either way, attention should be paid to it before it becomes severe enough to penetrate the surface of your counters, down into the materials themselves!

Three Reasons to Invest in Counter Top Repair in Phoenix, AZ Versus a Brand New Installation

When something breaks or wears down, it’s human nature to want to replace it with something better and your home’s countertops are no exception. If they’ve suffered damage over the years or have fallen victim to a chance accident recently that has left them scarred, it’s quite tempting to start squirreling away money for a brand new countertop installation. But, instead of shelling out all of that cash for brand new materials, why not give counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ a shot?

Counter top repair is much easier, far more cost effective and quicker to complete than a brand new installation—not to mention effective at restoring your existing aesthetic to a brand-new level. Take a look at the top three reasons to choose counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ over an unnecessary installation:

  1. New countertops are expensive! What material are your current countertops? High-end granite or marble? Affordable laminate? How about quartz or travertine? No matter what material you currently enjoy, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to replace it, as compared to simply fixing up your existing installation. Plus, if you redo your countertops, you’ll be tempted to go big or go home and few homeowners plan far enough ahead to budget once they’ve made the decision to replace their countertops, let alone upgrade them!
  2. Your room will be useless while the replacements are taking place. In a room like the bathroom or kitchen, you need full access all of the time—access that you aren’t going to have when you have to worry about how long it’s going to take to fully replace your countertops. Counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ is far quicker and only centers on the affected areas, allowing you to still make use of the areas not being treated.
  3. You get more bang for your buck with repairs. Everyone always says, “make improvements to your home and its value will increase.” While these people may be speaking the truth, no one ever said that the improvements had to be brand new to bestow value! In fact, fixing up your existing countertops to look like new will instill value in your home almost as well as investing in new countertops will—both perceived value and actual value! It’s all about how they look and feel when it comes to determining their real value.

If you’re scrubbing down your countertops one day and realize that they’re a little worse for the wear, don’t be so hasty to jump to conclusions—doing so may cost you far more than you had anticipated. Instead, consider the cost-effective choice of counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ, as opposed to a complete renovation. Better yet, give the professionals at A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service LLC a call today to learn how refinishing your countertops can be just as good, if not better, than investing in brand new materials!