Five Ways to Extend the Life of Your Bathroom’s Counter Tops

Your bathroom’s countertops are one of the most important facets of the room, whether you realize it or not. Try putting on makeup or brushing your teeth or shaving without a countertop and you’re likely going to have a lot of trouble! But with all of the versatility that a countertop offers you, comes a myriad of abuse that you’re not seeing as you put them to the test each and every day.

After years and years of serving as your platform for any and all bathroom activities, it’s often not surprising when countertops crack, scuff, discolor or become damaged in any other way. Often, these damages can be mitigated or avoided altogether with the right approach. Take a look at five ways to extend the life of your bathroom’s countertops and reduce the odds that you’ll need counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ:

  1. Keep hot and cold extremes off of your countertops whenever possible! This means curling irons, flat irons, hot blow driers and other hair care accessories, as well as things like ice packs or frozen beverages, should not be left on your countertops! These temperature extremes can cause stress to the material and over time, can wear down the resilience of a space that has seen too much abuse.
  2. Keep chemical cleaners to a minimum when it comes to making your bathroom sparkle. The leading cause of countertop damage is often abrasive cleaning chemicals that slowly wear away at the sealant of a countertop, causing other forms of wear and tear to quickly take root. Stick to the natural cleaners and you should preserve your countertops for longer.
  3. Clean often and thoroughly! Not only will this keep grime and debris from accumulating on your countertops to deteriorate them slowly, it’ll also make your bathroom feel more welcoming and inviting, not to mention cleaner. All it takes is a deep clean once a week and minor tidiness throughout the week and your bathroom will sparkle, including those countertops.
  4. Reduce the impacts that your countertops take on a daily basis. This means avoiding slamming objects down on the surface, trying not to drop items on your countertops, etc. All it takes is one well placed drop or one unfortunate object slamming into the countertop to create a small chip or crack and you’ve got yourself a constant reminder of the incident.
  5. Wash your hands frequently. Yes, that’s right, washing your hands can help to improve the life of your countertops! How? Well, your hands have all sorts of natural oils on them, which can get on the countertops themselves when you touch them… and long after you walk away the oils and other microbes will still be there, doing damage to your surface. Washing your hands helps to minimize this impact.

If you’re wondering how to make your countertops look better for longer and avoid costly counter top repair in Phoenix, AZ, start with the five tips above! You’re sure to see a noticeable difference in the longevity of this oft-used bathroom necessity.