Bath Tub Refinishing for Period Fixtures in Glendale, AZ

After purchasing that 1930s bungalow or 1899 farmhouse, you may wish to preserve its period character for as long as possible. That often means installing period fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. However, these may require extra repair and maintenance to stay intact and continue looking their best. Read ahead to learn more about bath tub refinishing in Glendale, AZ for period fixtures.

What is bath tub refinishing?

Refinishing is restoring the appearance and construction of an older fixture. It involves repairing chips and cracks and restoring the surface on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and even iron. This process is often less expensive than replacing fixtures and when you wish to preserve period elements, it can be an appreciated service. Often times, refinishing a bath tub restores it to like-new condition.

Can all bath tubs be refinished?

Generally, if the bath tub can still hold water and an occupant, it can be refinished. Porcelain, cast iron and fiberglass tubs have all been successfully restored and offered another 10 to 15 years of reliable use, if not more. However, if there are deep cracks, pitting and rough surfaces that would make the bath tub unpleasant to use, it may not be a candidate for refinishing. Any serious damage needs to be assessed by an experienced bathroom fixtures contractor.

Are there special considerations for period fixtures vs. modern ones?

Sometimes, the original fixtures are tougher than anything manufactured today. They handle the cleaning, sanding, priming, painting and sealing process very well and look almost new once everything is done.

However, there are special considerations to take into account. First, confirm the material of the bath tub. Porcelain and acrylic often require different treatment and have their own levels of tolerance. Also, if there are chips and cracks, extra care should be taken to ensure they do not become more serious. You may also have to wait longer between the steps just to make sure everything is sealed. So depending on the condition of the bath tub, the process can take longer, but it usually does not involve any extra steps.

A cast iron tub will require a different process entirely. If you hire a contractor for that job, be sure the workers understand what they need to do.

I bought an old bath tub stored in a barn for decades that I wish to install in my new Victorian! Can I use it?

You should be cautious with any bath fixtures that have not been in regular use for a long while. If the fixture has always been used in the bathroom, it likely did not undergo any extra stress or face elements that it was not meant to endure. Even in the days before central heating, indoor environments did not suffer the extremes of outdoor ones.

However, that ancient bath tub you rescued from the barn may not be completely intact. It has been exposed to sudden changes in temperature, natural elements, insects and animals, all of which can have corrosive effects. If you wish to have such an item restored, hire a professional, as extra care and professional opinions as to the tub’s structural integrity are required.

Want to make your period fixtures shine? A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service L.L.C. offers bath tub refinishing in Glendale, AZ for modern and older bathrooms alike. Give us a call and let us know about your unique project.