Why Are Bathtubs Important for Home Resale Value?

Giant showers might be all the rage these days, but do you still need to have a bathtub to successfully sell your home at a profit? Like any home fixture, they are subject to the trends of the day. (Remember the whirlpool tubs of the 1980s?) It might not make or break your house sale, but knowing what buyers are looking for always helps. Some buyers don’t mind getting what they consider “fixer uppers,” but some will balk at needing to add new fixtures after the sale.

Real estate agents and home appraisers are torn on whether you need at least one bathtub in your home. Regardless of what you decide, when you need home or bathtub upgrades in Phoenix, AZ, be sure to call A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service Co., L.L.C. to handle the job. We can help you repair or refinish your home fixtures so your house will be ready to sell.

Pros of having a bathtub

  • The more amenities, the better: When you’re selling a home, the home with the most amenities wins, and that includes tubs. When you give a buyer more options, there’s less of a chance that one fixture will make or break a sale.
  • Appeal to families: Naturally, families with small children will want a bathtub—it just makes it easier to bathe children without making a mess. If you’re living in a neighborhood that has plenty of family appeal, having a bathtub is going to make your home far more attractive to prospective buyers with young families.
  • Appeal to luxury homeowners: Of course, if you have a home with multiple or large bathrooms, you’ll also appeal to luxury homeowners. Many people consider bathtubs a great source of relaxation and self-care, so bathtubs will be expected in these types of homes.

Cons of having a bathtub

  • Your bathroom is too small: Sometimes your bathroom is just too small for a tub, and you have to make a choice. We see this often in condos and small apartments—there’s no sense in having a tub if it makes the bathroom impractical to use. That will turn a buyer off, too.
  • You might rarely use it: Family-oriented neighborhoods practically require bathtubs, but what about living in apartments or condos downtown? These neighborhoods usually cater to adults, so your home sale may not depend on whether your place has a tub.

Whatever you decide, it’s most important that your shower or tub is beautiful and inviting. If your fixtures look dull and dingy, consider having them refinished or repaired.

Get help with home upgrades in Phoenix, AZ

For over 40 years, A-1 Porcelain & Fiberglass Service Co., L.L.C. has offered a wide variety of repair and refinishing services. We work on all the fixtures in your bathroom, from tubs and showers to sinks and tile. You’ll get our quality work and excellent customer service no matter the size of the job. Call us today to schedule your bathtub upgrade or learn more about any of our other services.